Risks of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters destroy your company's assets when your building and the infrastructure components like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, and shelving are not engineered correctly. You know about Hurricanes in the Southeast. Have you also thought about earthquakes? Find out more about the Summerville Fault, the New Madrid Fault, and FEMA's prediction for our area. 

Risks of Not Being Up to Code

The greatest risk of not being up to code is economic loss due to nonstructural failures. Windows, partitions, veneers, piping, ceilings, air conditioning ducts, equipment, computer and hospital equipment, file cabinets, and shelving all need to be engineered to meet code. 90% of your investments in a building depend on it. 


Who We Are

We are the Southeast’s trusted partner for Seismic and Vibration Isolation solutions. We represent manufacturers of high quality products serving the commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Industrial markets. We want to share our knowledge of seismic vibration isolation and building code needs throughout the various phases of construction. Our goal is to be our customers most dependable and reliable source for the vibration isolation, seismic, wind & flood load restraint products we represent. We pride ourselves on timely execution so you get what you need when you need it.



What We Do

We are your trusted partners from bid day through the completion of your projects. We look at the projects you are bidding and determine the products you need from our portfolio. Our expertise enables us to provide you accurate and competitive pricing for your vibration isolation and infrastructure restraint needs. If there are seismic isolation products or engineering required by the relevant building codes for your project we quote the products and engineering you will need to meet the building code. We are proud of our 20 year history of providing products and service to the southeast. Click below to see the quality products we represent.


Why Choose Us?

With 20 years as a manufacturer representative, we understand your business. We understand your building codes. We understand your area. We understand engineering for seismic and vibration isolation solutions.